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Epal ‘s Monitored Prevention and Reuse System is managed by Conlegno, and recognized by Conai and Rilegno.

What is the EPAL System’s Monitored Prevention and Reuse System:

In a resolution dated November 21, 2012, CONAI/Rilegno introduced some facilitated procedures for applying the CONAI Environmental Contribution for both used, repaired or simply sorted wooden pallets and new wooden pallets as long as they are produced in accordance with codified specifications and used in controlled circuits.

The application of these facilities was strictly tied to certain minimum requirements, among which the establishment of a Monitored Prevention and Reuse System managed by an entity identified by CONAI/Rilegno stands out.

Through the EPAL Technical Committee, Conlegno has presented its own Monitored Prevention and Reuse System in order to ensure that manufacturers and repairers of quality branded pallets can access the subsidized formulas whereby only 10 percent of the weight of pallets released for consumption, whether new or used, are subject to the CONAI Environmental Contribution (Epal LCA study).


CONAI/Rilegno’s recognition of the Monitored System submitted by Conlegno, which took place on February 19, 2013, allows for the application of the facilitation formulas for calculating the CAC on EPAL pallets provided that the company has previously joined Conlegno and CONAI/Rilegno and applied for membership in the EPAL Prevention and Reuse Monitored System (system operation: March 1, 2013).

Barigazzi F.lli is among the first companies accredited to this system and since March 1, 2013 is able to sell new or used Epal pallets with reduced Conai Environmental Contribution.

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