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Epal is the international product brand name for Europe’s most widely used reusable pallet interchange system.

EPAL European Pallet Association, was created in 1991 by France, Germany and Switzerland with the primary purpose of guaranteeing the quality standard (UIC 435/2-435/4) of the EUR 800 x 1,200 mm pallet and promoting its dissemination to enable users to trade at par with this important handling tool throughout Europe.
The EPAL pallet, certified by leading testing companies, thus guarantees a reliable product across borders.
Changing distribution systems and the need to use an inexpensive and reliable logistical tool that can be found in a free market, with 20 producing nations and more than 1,200 member companies, have been the keys to the success of the EPAL pallet now on the circuit, with more than 350 million circulating.

EPAL pallets: a benefit not trascal for all

International economic relations require transportation and storage systems that cross borders. In cooperation with the European rail networks EPAL is strongly committed to the design of a standard pallet that can be used internationally-the EPAL pallet.

EPAL’s pallet fleet contributes greatly to the smooth handling of freight traffic. But at the same time, stricter quality control has become indispensable.

EPAL marks the pallets it inspects with the abbreviation EPAL.
This seal guarantees the absolute quality of EPAL-certified pallets through more than 2,000 inspections per year.

EPAL pallets: reliable across borders

The EPAL pallet, endowed with the quality seal since 1991, has been trusted beyond borders. This means for safety across the board:

– effective production and distribution processes–financial commitment is optimized;
– smooth transportation – goods arrive in good condition;
– Safe storage – products are stored even for long periods of time in absolute safety;
– Stable value-the quality of products is preserved;
– Optimal job security-the work environment is protected.

EPAL-certified pallets guarantee smooth economic flows-anywhere. EPAL intervenes at the enterprise level and internationally in logistics, transportation and storage.

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