Epal 3 pallets

New 1000 x 1200 mm pallet with Epal quality certificate

We are able to produce and supply the new EPAL 3 1000 X 1200 mm pallet, which is widely used for handling bigbags and suitable for loading containers, is widely used in the agro-industrial sector for handling dried fruits (nuts and hazelnuts) and for pelletized material (wood pellets and granular plastic).

It is the most popular pallet in the Brexit period because it is the standard size popular in England and other UK countries and is designed to be reused multiple times, thus providing important environmental and economic resource savings.

Epal 3 Features

Width 1,000 mm
Length 1,200 mm
Height 144 mm
Weight 30 kg approx.
Dynamic capacity 1,500 kg
Static load capacity when stacked 4,500 kg
Weight and capacity data are released by Epal The pallet is forkable on all 4 sides, with chamfered boards on the long side to fafor pallet truck entry, and is compatible with all standard conventional load handling systems, industrial vehicles, and automated warehouse systems. Quality is guaranteed by Epal through specific production and repair controls. Through these controls, Epal guarantees a safe product of the highest quality and lasting value that can be interchanged with other Epal 3 pallets within the Epal pool. All Epal 3 pallets are dried under 22 percent humidity and are heat-treated according to the F.a.o. ISPM15 standard.