Barigazzi Pallets invests in solar energy: a cutting-edge photovoltaic system for a sustainable future.

The power of solar panels feeds the company and reduces the environmental impact.

Barigazzi Pallets has taken a significant step towards a sustainable future by investing in a cutting-edge photovoltaic system. This initiative aims not only to reduce the company’s energy costs but also to mitigate the environmental impact through the production of clean energy.

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The photovoltaic system installed at the Barigazzi Pallets site has a total installed capacity of 725 kWh, with a total of 1700 solar panels covering an area of 4000 square meters. This impressive structure allows the company to generate an estimated annual production of 700,000 kWh, which covers 60% of the entire company’s energy needs.

The use of photovoltaic panels allows Barigazzi Pallets to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to this system, the company will contribute to a reduction of 300,000 kg of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption of 24,000 trees. Over the next 20 years, the system will enable a significant reduction of 6,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide, representing an important step towards mitigating climate change.

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The company has chosen to install 7 SMA inverters. To ensure efficient conversion of solar energy into usable power. Inverters play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of a photovoltaic system, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and a consistent production of power.

The decision to invest in solar energy reflects Barigazzi Pallets’ commitment to pursuing sustainable and responsible business practices. The use of clean energy will not only reduce the company’s long-term energy costs but also contribute to solidifying its reputation as a leader in the sustainability sector.


Indeed, the installation of the photovoltaic system represents a tangible example of how companies can do their part in the fight against climate change. Barigazzi Pallets demonstrates that businesses can embrace innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and play a crucial role in building a greener future.

The company is aware that the investment in solar energy is just the beginning of a journey towards sustainability. Barigazzi Pallets is also considering other renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency measures to continue reducing the company’s environmental impact.

The photovoltaic system of Barigazzi Pallets not only represents a smart business choice from an economic perspective but also demonstrates how companies can take an active role in the transition towards a sustainable future.

This project marks a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future for both the company and the surrounding environment.